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Smart Devices Lab

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Welcome to the Smart Devices lab at Skidmore College, directed by Dr. Aarathi Prasad, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science at Skidmore College.


Adoption of Internet-connected devices and applications struggle due to barriers such as privacy concerns, usability issues and lack of trust. We foster critical thinking around the use and non-use of Internet-connected devices and applications. The lab offers a challenging yet supportive environment that cultivates students' intellectual excellence outside the classroom to develop new research, technical, and collaborative skills and prepare them for both academic and professional careers.


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Listed below are the publications and ongoing submissions.

Designing tools to monitor problematic smartphone usage Smart device usage at home Privacy and security Mobile health Teaching Mobile app design * denotes undergraduates

Mobile health privacy
Aaliyah Lawrence '24 (Summer 2021)
Zoe Bilodeau '23 (Spring 2021 - )
Veronica Sih, Stonybrook University '22 (Summer - Fall 2020)
Matt Clark '21 (Spring-Summer 2019)
Ha Linh Nguyen '22 (Spring-Summer 2019)
Ruben Ruiz '21 (Spring 2019)
Emily Xiao '21 (Spring 2019)

Smartphone usage and mental health
Zoe Beals '22 (Spring 2020 - )
Heidi Birch '22 (Summer 2021)
Dan Zhang, high school student (Spring 2021)
Vaasu Taneja, Middlebury College '18 (Spring - Fall 2020)
Will Shelley '21 (Summer 2020)
Isabel Hacala '21 (Spring 2020)
Asia Quinones '21 (Summer 2018 - Summer 2019)
Aaron Slonaker '21 (Summer 2019)

Smart device usage in homes
Ruben Ruiz '21 (Summer 2018)
Aaron Brill '20 (Spring 2018)

Mobile health apps
Jack Firestone '21 (Spring 2018)
Miriam Callahan '21 (Fall 2017- Spring 2018)
Bryan McQuade '18 (Fall 2017- Spring 2018)

Indoor navigation using mobile AR
Conor Haegley '18 (Fall 2017)
Andrew Riggs '18 (Fall 2017)