1. I'd like you to write a letter of recommendation for me for grad school/a summer research opportunity/study abroad program. What information do you need from me?
    I'm always happy to write recommendation letters, though in order to write a better, thorough letter for research opportunities, it's often better if I have interacted with you in a significant manner, either through research or an independent study. It's also best to let me know a month in advance of the first deadline, especially if you need a letter during the semester.
    Also, send me all the materials you plan to submit to the application including a personal statement, or some description of why you wish to attend the program and what makes you qualified/a good fit for this program.
    If you are applying to graduate schools or research opportunities, I will also need the following information: name of school, information about the program, the application deadline, whether I should email the letter or whether I will get an email with a link to submit the letter. If you are applying to more than one program, I recommend creating a Google sheet with a list of all schools and the other information, and sharing it with me, and giving me edit permission so I can update every time I submit your letter.

  2. I'd like to do research with you this semester/this summer.
    Great! I recommend you consider taking 275H with me this semester; you will need instructor approval to do so, so send me an email. You can see the list of current projects I have going on, and read more about the past projects and students who worked with me on the lab website.
    If you are interested in summer research, it is best to contact me in late fall or before the spring semester starts, since the deadline for summer research application is typically on the first Friday of the spring semester. If you have never done research with me before, I recommend you consider taking 275H in the spring semester before you do summer research.

  3. I'm considering becoming a CS major or a minor. What courses do you recommend I take?
    That's great news! The list of courses for majors are here and minor are here. I am happy to work with you to make a schedule, so go ahead and send me an email to set up a meeting.

  4. I'm applying for internships/jobs? Can you help me with my resume?
    Yes, definitely. I am happy to help you with your resume, so go ahead and send me an email to set up a meeting. Make sure to come prepared with the following: your transcript, what programming projects you did in your CS classes, other programming experience outside Skidmore classes.

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